Wednesday, February 18, 2015

TOAM: Into the Woods

***TOAM: thoughts on a movie

I'd been waiting for this movie for months and then had to wait another few weeks after it came out before I was able to find time to see it. When I entered the movie theater, I entered with high expectations. I LOVE fairytales, especially retellings and mashups. It was also a Disney movie to boot and Disney always has great songs riddled through their fairytale retelling movies. And the actors! They have such a great cast for this movie! But, alas... I left the movie theater highly disappointed. The graphics and costumes were okay, and the acting was really good but the stupidity of the plot made them seem really dumb. The songs were really annoying. I wanted to step into the movie and toss Little Red Riding Hood off the stage she was so irritating. And the morality of the movie was HORRIBLE! If you want to teach your kids that cheating on your spouse, weak men, and relativism is all okay, then take them to see this movie. But if not... then keep them away!

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