Thursday, November 5, 2015

Update + Sierra College ASSC Flash Fiction Contest

I swear I'm not dead, just swamped with the life of a college student! It's been three months since I started college and I haven't run away screaming... yet. Ha, just kidding. I'm actually loving all of it: the teachers, the classes themselves, and even the homework! I know, I'm weird. But I didn't create this post to ramble about college life. This is the website/blog of a writer, and so let's skip to that part...

Recently, my school (I know, talking about my college again) had a writing contest called the ASSC Flash Fiction Contest. I have no idea was "ASSC" means, but the "flash fiction" part meant that we had to write an entire story in 600 words... 600 words! That's nothing! My book is around 500 pages, and I had to write a story in 600 words. We also had to incorporate the sentence "I had no idea the dissent would be so rapid," word or word. It was definitely a challenge, but I like a challenge and so I enjoyed it very much.

I wrote four stories but we were only allowed to enter two. Even though I liked all of them, my readers voted that I submit the last two stories that I wrote, although I'm kind of in love with the idea for the second story and I might continue it... someday... when I have more time... Yeah right, when do I ever have any extra time. I guess what I mean to say is that I'm hoping to continue it. Anyway, I was originally going to make a pdf of each story to share with you guys. But I'm sick and really don't want to go through all of that trouble to upload it to and then embed it here and blah blah blah. So just click on the links proved below to read each story. Hope you like them! And I love comments and reviews and just about anything. So leave a comment, pretty please with a cherry on top!