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The Latanica Saga: Captive

"With lies and deceit, he stole his way into Latanica… and killed it.”

Latanica was a content kingdom under the reign of King Darius IV and Queen Glory. They were young rulers, but the people had already begun to call their five-year reign the Golden Age of Latanica. But that all changed when a drought settled upon the land, monsters appeared in the woods, and a servant girl opened the door to a stranger one rainy night...

Set twenty-five years before JAZMINE, this new novella by fantasy author Ty Zeiter tells the story of how Latanica was conquered.

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The Latanica Saga: Jazmine 

"My Destiny for You Since the 
Beginning of Time…”

In a land ravaged by war and terror, the people desperately hold on to their only thread of hope… the prophesized young warrior who would set them free from the warlord Malcus. Is the Maiden indeed real… and is she coming?

The young girl Min is a slave to Malcus’ daughter, Dravia. She longs for the day when The Maiden will come and free them from their chains of slavery. Then one night Min’s wish is granted, but her wish comes with a price…

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  1. I just got the book! It's GORGEOUS!