What is your full name?
Philomena Tyler Frances Zeiter. I took the name Philomena when I had my Confirmation, chosen from a young saint living during the time of the Emperor Diocletian who was martyred for her Faith.

How old are you?
Currently, in 2015, I am 18 years old.

When did you start writing?
I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Short stories, poems, novels. Jazmine was the first story/novel I completed.

How old were you when you wrote Jazmine?
I was 12 when I started and 15 when I got it published.

How long did it take for you to write Jazmine?
It took about three years from the idea stage to complete publication.

Where did you get the idea for Jazmine?
I get asked this question so often and, honestly, I have no idea how to answer it. I think the idea came to me gradually, I started jotting notes down and then it just grew from there. Lot’s of things inspired the idea, and I worked off of the things that I loved or thought interesting. But I think the very first image was of a young warrior girl with long white hair. From there, as they say, the rest in history. 

How many books will be in The Latanica Saga?
Honestly? I’m not quite sure. Right now I have solid ideas for ten books as well as a few novellas. Not all of the books will be about Jazmine and her friends, although they will all be in the same world.

How did you get published?
I went the Self-Publishing route (Self Publishing is when you pay the publisher to print your book and distribute it to online sellers.) instead of querying agents to help me get accepted by a major publisher like Random House.

What publisher did you use?
I used AuthorHouse. However, I am currently in the process of switching to Amazon’s publishing branch, CreateSpace (it’s free).

Where can I buy your books?
AuthorHouse, Amazon, Barns & Noble, Ebay, my Website (www.tyzeiter.blogspot.com)

Can I get my book signed?
Yes! If you buy a book directly from me then I will definitely sign it for you! All you have to do is email me at work (tyzeiter@gmail.com) and we’ll figure out pricing and all of that.

I have a book review blog and would like to request a review copy/arc of your book. Could you send me one? 
It depends. Email me and we’ll work it out.

Will you read my book/story/poem?
Maybe, it depends on how much time I have. If you email me with a detailed description of your book as well as yourself, then I might be able to find time.

How can I contact you to do a talk at my school?
You can email me at tyzeiter@gmail.com. If your school is incredibly far away from where I live then it might be tricky…

What is your next book?
The second book in The Latanica SagaDestiny’s Hand!

When will it come out?
I’m not really sure, maybe sometime 2016 or 17. This next one has been giving me a truck load of trouble… but it WILL come out!

What is your advice for aspiring young authors?
DON’T GIVE UP! Even when it’s frustrating or nothing is connecting, just keep trying. It will work itself out, even if its one painful knot at a time. The next thing is read as much as you can, from every genre, in every prospective, from any time period. The way your writing style will develop is from learning about all the other different styles as well as the different plot, character development, reader response… The next thing is to not be afraid of taking extra classes. If you can take a creative writing, composition, vocabulary, or even psychology class then the more versed you will be. Even if you think you've reached your limit or if you think you already know everything… take another class! Read another book on writing! Even if you only learn one thing, then that one thing is worth it! :-)

Good Luck…


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