Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Prophesy

**I do not own any of the photos in this post, I just thought it would be fun to show some artwork from Pinterest that reminds me of my work(s).

As I've been sitting here at my dinning room table dreaming, plotting, scheming and finally typing out both CAPTIVE and DESTINY'S HAND, I've come to realize that I need to do two things. One, is that I need a series revision of JAZMINE, and two, is that I need to rewrite the Prophesy...

Let's start with JAZMINE - 

I was pretty young when I began writing, finished, and published JAZMINE. I am still pretty young actually in terms of being a published author, but I have also grown a tone in my own maturity and writing style. And during the years JAZMINE has been published, I've also been able to build the world of Geia into something that is more structured as well as more thought out. It was a bit sporadic in JAZMINE, but I've come to work out those knots since its publication. Another drawback, not necessarily for me but for you (my readers), is that the company I decided to publish with has put my novel on sale at a rather ridiculous price. $26.95 is just way too much for a paperback book. I know that I would never buy a book that was that expensive--I just don't have the money to splurge like that, and I know it must be that way for you as well.

Because of these things, I've decided that after I finish DESTINY'S HAND and CAPTIVE and before I start on the next story in the Saga, I'm going to take JAZMINE off the bookshelf and do a major revision on it... fixing plot, grammar, writing style, and characters. Then I'll re-publish it through a different company that should cut the price in half.

I'm very excited for this new revision because the story of JAZMINE is very dear to my heart and I can't wait to return to it to improve it even more.

Now, let's go onto the news about the Prophesy -

One of the first things I began to notice (really only this year - 2015) is that the Prophesy is just way too long for people to whisper it to one another quickly, and then immediately have it memorized in order to pass it on to the next person. Because of this, I'm going to be re-writing the Prophesy into a shorter version with a better punch and input the new version into the upcoming books in the Saga as it  is repeated. I'm also going to switch it out in JAZMINE when I do the revision, so you'll have to bear with me and the old version until I'm able to do that. 

Here is the rough first-draft just for you, written when I was on a three-hour bus ride and seriously began thinking about this problem.

The Prophesy

At the end of the Golden Age will come a new foe,
Drenched in darkness and bringing nothing but woe.

Out of the ashes a warrior will rise,
The white-haired maiden who will conquer our demise.

For by a woman we fell,
And by a woman we will be set free.

We live in hope for that fateful day...


  1. Excited to hear about your revision plans. That's what's so hard about writing: learning to slow down and really make the work as good as you can. I agree that the book is overly priced, but that price will go down with other publishers. Price of paperbacks might also be linked to the length of the book. If you think it may be too pricey due to the page count, you might want to consider splitting it up. Then again, the ebook version can be whatever price you want, it's the paperbacks that we don't have much wiggle room.

    Best of luck with the writing!!

  2. Yeah, the price really killed me both for other people and for myself when I bought them. The problem with the company I chose before was that they made their money THROUGH the authors instead of from HELPING the authors. I'm hoping I can start on it soon. I've been crazy busy with work and finishing up my last year of high school. Good luck with your own writing!