Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halloween Costume

So this was my outfit for the costume party I went to. I was the female version of the Mad Hatter, crazy, colorful, and so much fun to put together! What do you think?

From left to right: Pat, Michael, Zach, Charles, me, Savanna. So, who did you dress up as for halloween?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Makeup Review: Tarte Foundation

(So, I was originally going to post this before Halloween but I forgot. :-O But here it is, better late then never!) I like makeup. You may have noticed that from a few previous blog posts I've done in the past. I like how it can be so creative and artistic - colorful, frightening, dark, innocent, mysterious. That's why I love this time of year! Halloween was originally called Night Before the Holy Ones. Basically the night before the feast day of the Saints. I don't like how society has taken something that had originally had been holy into something demonic, but I like the chance to show my creative side with all the different makeup opportunities! In the next couple of weeks I'll show the various costumes I've come up with for different parties I'm planning on going to. :-) But first I'd like to do my first makeup review! 

Foundation: literally my favorite makeup product. It is what covers all of our imperfections our faces; pimples, scarring, discoloration, wrinkles. But it wipes it all away! (...) Pretty much. I've gone through quite a few different foundation brands (I like a lot of them and still use them from time to time), but my favorite by far is the Tarte foundation. It is definitely better for your skin, they try to keep their ingredients very natural. That's why this is made with Amazonian clay! Interesting hu? Because of being made out of clay (LOL) it has excellent coverage, you don't need much at all which I love because I hate the "cakey face look." You do have to be careful though because using this you can get that look very easily. You really just have to experiment on how much of the foundation looks good on your skin. I don't use very much at all, but other people use a lot. Like I said you just need to find out what works best for you. And it has sunscreen in it! And extra bonus. ;-)