Saturday, September 27, 2014

My FanFiction Stories - Post #4

I have to admit... I didn't like The Hunger Games or the other two books that much. In fact I threw Mockingjay across the room when I finished because I was so mad. The Hunger Games was okay, it was interesting. I was reading about a new world, new characters, a new writing style. But it all went down-hill for me from there. My biggest issue(s) was Katniss (the protagonist), and the writing style. Which led to the thought: how would have I written The Hunger Games? And this story is the product of that idea.

Description: What if Katniss and Peeta hadn't been picked for the Games, but bitter orphan Terra Hunter and Capitol hater Gale Hawthorne? What horrors will they face in a Game where children fight to the death? What sacrifices will be made to keep those they care for safe? What love might be found amidst anger and betrayal?

Book: The Hunger Games

Characters: Terra Hunter (OC), Gale Hawthorne

Genre: Romance/Horror

Rating: M

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