Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - Post #8

Here's something new! Every Tuesday I'm going to share with you a picture that showcases a moment from my book, Jazmine. Below it, I'll have a quote that is related to the picture. Hopefully this way ya'll will be able to get inside my head a little and see what Latanica is really like! None of these images (unless otherwise noted) are mine.

                              From THE LATANICA SAGA: JAZMINE --

I only got a quick glance at the beast before it rushed past, but I could never forget what I saw. Grey hair clung in matted clumps to its sickly thin frame.  It was almost as tall as me, but a giant hunched back rose above its head.  Strangely long legs sprouted out on either side of it in a spidery crouch.  Pointed ears pressed flat against its head and a long snout hovered over the forest floor.  Shriveled yellow eyes gazed hungrily at the ground in front of it and long yellow fangs poked out from under a cracked lip.

“What was that?” I whispered in horror, shaking from relief.

“That was a morg,” Ava replied grimly.

_  _  _

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