Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: Post #2

Here's something new! Every Tuesday I'm going to share with you a picture that showcases a moment from my book, Jazmine. Below it, I'll have a quote that is related to the picture. Hopefully this way ya'll will be able to get inside my head a little and see what Latanica is really like! None of these images (unless otherwise noted) are mine.

                                                     From THE LATANICA SAGA: JAZMINE --

It was a magnificent scene.  The clear turquoise water touched the sky, kissing it gently as if they were best friends.  The dying sun flashed its brilliant colors upon the water as if a million tiny diamonds were imbedded in the silky sheet of blue.  The gentle waves that caressed the beach were full of power, and the sunset outlaying the horizon was filled with more colors than I could name.  
_ _ _ _ _

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