Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Book Update

So, I thought I might take a break from my hectic school schedual and give you an update on my writing life! It's been almost a year now since "Jazmine" was published and I know you all are wondering what the heck is going on with the 2nd book! Let me just say that writing the 2nd book in The Latanica Saga is going to be a bit more challenging then its predcessor. It isn't going to be as action packed (but there will still be plenty!) as the first book. I'm trying to go for a little bit of more of a mystery theme in this book - you guys aren't going to know who the bad guy is for a while and there is more then one! I'm also going to get into how Jazmine and Adrian will struggle to bring Luman back into Latanica and some of the opposition they will face. More about Jazmine's parents and her past will also be revealed.

Sadly, I don't think I will be able to finish it for a while. I wrote almost absolutely nothing during the summer and only have about 4 chapters so far from before. I'm having a major writers block with this one. "Jazmine" was so easy because I had nearly every chapter planned out in my head before I started writing. It all flowed onto the page with such ease I'm still amazed! With this book its a little harder. I'm still trying to get things sorted and am writing out the plot little by little. And instead of writing it in order like "Jazmine" (chapter by chapter) I'm going to just get the scenes I already have in my head and into my notebook and then connect the dots later. 

At least I know what it's going to be called. And the title is awesome. *drumroll* ... "Destiny's Hand"! Sounds cool, right?

So, wish me luck! Let's hope I can get this out before I head off to college... I'm sure I will but you never know how this is going to turn out. I might write it all and then decide I hate half of it and then rewrite it again! But I hope that doesn't happen and I'll be able to get this out to you guys soon!

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