Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Faith Camp 2013

Hey All,

So about 2 weeks ago I volunteered for my Catholic church's SFC called:

I was in charge of music and I co-lead the whole thing with my friend Robbie. Here we are putting a skit on for the kids. He is dressed up as a knight in training named Wally and I'm there encouraging him  and trying to convince him not to give up. With help from all around us... God's Love Helps Us To Stand Strong! (our theme this year)

Two more of my friends, Michael (in the red bandana) and Gabe, leading the kids in a cheer. 

And my silly little brother, Michael balancing a toy eagle on his nose!

I would have a lot more pictures of the kids and stuff but I'm not allowed to, so maybe you'll just have to come and join us next year...



See you next week!

(FYI, that's my brother Zach. He helped lead the games.)

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