Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jazmine Artwork

So, believe it or not, writing is not my only hobby. I also LOVE to draw! And so, as my third post, I thought I'd stick with things on my book and show you some drawings of the main character Jazmine! These sketches were done during different times during the writing process and they show my concept of Jazmine as her personality and looks changed... and changed again. And it also shows my progress as an artist throught the years.

This was one of the first pictures I did of Jazmine in 2009 (I was 12).

This was also in 2009.

This was done in 2010 I belive. The Unicorn is Lunar and the man is one of my earliest version of Adrian... He looks like a musketeer... scary :-P (I was 13).

This was done as concept art for what pose I wanted Jazmine in for the cover. I drew it in 2010 at like 10:00pm. I was 13.

This was in 2011 (14).

And finally, the drawing I put in the book! The one in the middle is Jazmine (obviously) the panther is Ramza, the unicorn is Lunar and the man is Adrian. I was 15 when I finished the final draft for this drawing. :-)

*     *     *

I hope you liked them! I'm obviously not a professionl, but I'm going to keep practicing and hopefully someday I will be!!! If you liked these please comment and tell me because that will encourage me to post more of my sketches. (I also love drawing mermaids, fairies, etc.) I'm also hoping to start doing some colored pictures. I have a few but I want to do more... color just adds so much! 

Well, see ya'll next time!

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  1. These are great! Also, I nominated you for a little blog award.